New Package: Model Scene stuff

Well as I gather some models I’d like to put them in some nice scenery. I’ve started to look for some scenery stuff in a scale of 1:72 and I was not lucky. What I did find is a small leaves in a scale I wanted. When I checked the e-shop I was surprised because in fact it is my local company! Awesome!


It was not a long time since then and I ordered a package! It won’t surprise you that the leaves was first in the shopping bin haha. Those are some precise leaves. And in a scale! And the price is pretty good too! If you are outside Czechia you can order too because the shop also has an english shop. Just great isn’t it?

The individual leaves are really well made.

Leaves came in a small transparent box where they are sticked to all sides. It is quite hard to open without loosing some of them but it is possible with some patience. When you look closely you can see individual leaves in different sizes with a lot of shapes and details. I was quite surprised. It indeed is finished product ready to be put on a model or diorama. I ordered three versions so you can mix them and simulate more believable scenery.

Sherman with light weathering wants some leaves!

Heres a sherman in 1:72 without leaves and aas you can see its quite sad, lonely tank. Let’s add some of those leaves!

Awwww, thats better.

Working with them is a bit harder then expected. You will need only a few leaves to add realism so the package has quite a lot of them. As you can see it will add some sense of scale and it really look good! Let’s take a closer look.

Looking really good to me!
Maybe I will add even more!

The next thing which came in with the package is this photo-etched nettle. I can even beleive it is possible to create something this small and detailed. Its from a very thin sheet of metal. Can’t wait to put it in some diorama.

The graphic on the package is very low-res so you can see individual pixels but the product itself is great!

Take a look below. The quality is really awesome. Never seen something like this before. Well maybe because I am building only my fourth model in my life. Well, yes. This is my very first photo-etched part I have. And I am impressed.

The details are incredible. Yes, we are still in 1:72 scale.

Next up is this nice piece of grass. By the cover it is fallow field late summer and I will probable not use it in one whole piece. Most likely I will cut it in parts and use on random places. My dioramas are 150×150 mm so there is plenty for everyone!

Those darker spots there are glued for good.
Take a closer look.

Right now I dont have any kind of static grass device but I have already ordered some from china. Well it is not an aplicator but I will make one from it haha. Thats why I also took this pack of static grass. Well packed, looking good. Color is awesome, not a problem with that.

It will last for a long time I can say!
For a 50g of weight the package is qute big!

Also I ordered a bunch of turfs. There are four colors so everyone can pick what suits them the most for a scenery. You will just cut them off of the sheet and you are good to go. They are glued there very well maybe you will end up loosing some stems (:

Individual turfs.
And if you are working on a desert kind of scene, this will come up handy.

All this cost me around 45 USD and I can say those are some very good products by the first look. I can’t wait to put them in use but first, I need to prepare my base. I will indeed report back on the blog how it is to work with the grass, turfs and the leaves! Wish me luck because I only created one diorama in my life so far. Looks like I created this blog just in time so we all can see how I progress in time haha.

I must say this is not a sponsored article I ordered these myself and I just want to share some pictures with you. Anyone can order here:

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